Chelsea's story

Grieving from the loss of her brother to addiction, Chelsea found Life House while visiting a church.  It wasn't a typical place for her to be, but she was desperately searching for answers.  At the age of 11, she lost her mom to a brain aneurism.  Her dad turned to drugs to cope, which lead the way to her brother's addiction. 

Chelsea was due to give birth in just a few months.  She felt completely inadequate to raise a child.  She and her boyfriend were out of work, struggling to hang on to their small rental house.  Their relationship was on shaky ground as the bills piled up. Although she was facing eviction, Chelsea was grateful she was alive, clean and sober.  She was determined to see this through and do what was best for the baby on the way.

Chelsea started attending weekly support groups.  Life House worked with her landlord to get her caught up on rent.  She met with our Program Coordinator to find work and come up with a Family Action Plan.  The stress of not being able to prepare for her baby's arrival - because she didn't know if they would have a home - had been overwhelming. But her fears were put to rest. 

Though the relationship with the birthfather didn't work out the way Chelsea hoped, she was able to stay in her home and gain friendships through Life House.  She also found healing as she came to know God's love and His plan for her life.  He alone has provided the strength to become the best mom possible.  All of us at Life House rejoiced the day she brought her new baby girl home! 

ally's story

Suffering from childhood memories of neglect and abuse, Ally knew she wanted more for her son. When he was only 2 years old, she put herself through school to become a Medical Assistant.  But working full-time as a single mom was a daily battle. And the old wounds continued to haunt her.

Ally found herself in an unsafe living situation due to a family member's drug activity.  She reached out to Life House to see if we could help.  The Life House Hope Homes program was a perfect fit!  She was able to move in immediately, keep her son safe, and continue working to stay employed.

She only needed 3 months of assistance to find permanent, safe housing for her and her child.  She was also able to save enough for a reliable vehicle.  Ally began attending support groups and finally found the encouragement she had been looking for at Life House.  As she began to heal from her past, her life took on a new meaning - one full of hope and purpose. 

Shandra's story

Shandra and her son were living in an unhealthy environment when she began attending Life House support groups.  Her friendships had held her back from pursuing her goals and dreams.

She knew she needed to sever ties, but they were the only support she had.

And being a single mom, she had never felt so alone.

As Shandra began to surround herself with like-minded women and learn about healthy boundaries, she was able to break free from those who were holding her back. Finding herself in a better emotional state, she enrolled in a Nursing Program and graduated in 2016.


Shandra is a mama bear when it comes to her son. He was the inspiration she needed to build a better life. We are so proud of her hard work and perseverance! The sacrifices she has made to stay on track and finish school are tremendous. She has endured many hardships, but through it all God has been faithful.