Alaina's story

Removed from her mom’s custody at the age of 6, Alaina spent 12 years moving from foster home to foster home. Grateful for their care, she always had something nice to say about the families she lived with. But in a moment of crushing honesty, she shared her deepest wound. She was never chosen.

Reaching young adulthood, Alaina began the search to satisfy the longing of her heart - to belong. Pregnant at 20, she told her boyfriend with excitement that they were expecting. He responded by letting her know he had another girlfriend and was leaving.

The enemy of Alaina’s soul whispered, "No one will ever choose you. End this pursuit. End this life."  The temptation to abort was strong, but in a tremendous moment of courage, Alaina chose to parent. She began attending Mom's Group at Life House where she finally found a place to belong. She also gained parenting strategies, auto care, free diapers, clothing and baby gear.

One year after her daughter was born, Alaina reunited with the father of her baby. There is much to be done toward reconciliation, but we know God's desire is for a father and mother to work together to raise their child. We believe He will continue to write Alaina's story of redemption and make all things new in His time.  

Chelsea's story

Grieving from the loss of her brother to addiction, Chelsea found Life House while visiting a church. It wasn't a typical place for her to be, but she was desperately searching for answers.  At the age of 11, she lost her mom to a brain aneurism. Her dad turned to drugs to cope, which also led the way to her brother's addiction and subsequent death. 

Chelsea was due to give birth in just a few months. She was out of work, struggling to hang on to her small rental house. Her relationship with the father of the baby was on shaky ground as the bills piled up. Although she was facing eviction, Chelsea was grateful she was alive, clean and sober.

Determined to choose life for her child, Chelsea started attending Mom's Groups. Life House worked with her landlord to get her caught up on rent. She also met with our Case Manager to find work and develop a Family Action Plan. Finally her anxiety over making a decision to parent was put to rest.

Though the relationship with the birth father didn't work out, she was able to stay in her home and build friendships through Life House. She also found healing as she came to know God's love and His plan for her life. He alone has provided the strength she needed to become the best mom possible. We commend her for choosing life and embracing the joy, honor and privilege of being called "mom".

ally's story

Suffering from childhood memories of neglect and abuse, Ally knew she wanted more for her son. When he was 2 years old, she put herself through school to become a Medical Assistant. But working full-time as a single mom was a daily battle filled with exhaustion and loneliness.

On a limited income, Ally found herself in an unsafe living situation due to a family member's drug use. She reached out to Life House to see if we could help her relocate. The Hope Homes program was a perfect fit! She was able to move in immediately, keep her son safe, and continue working.

She only needed 3 months of assistance to find permanent, safe housing for her and her child. She was also able to save enough for a reliable vehicle. Ally began attending Mom's Group and finally found the community she desperately needed at Life House.

As Ally began to heal from her past, she could see how God was redeeming every part of her story. Her hope was no longer in wishful thinking, but rooted and grounded in a hope that anchors the soul. Hope re-imagined is a hope that embraces the life that God has given and believes "it is well with my soul".


NOTE: Unfortunately, the Hope Homes program is no longer running due to lack of funding.

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