introducing the village

Single moms should not be expected to walk alone.

That is why we believe it takes a village of people who care to raise a child.

Further, as followers of Christ, God “The Father” commands us

in scripture more than 110 times to help and defend the fatherless.

One of the most practical ways to honor this command is to

join the village!

People who join The Village, stand alongside the fatherless on a

monthly basis by giving a recurring monthly gift.

Our most faithful supporters give sacrificially what they can.

To some, that might be $20 a month, while to others

that’s $100, and still others, a $1,000 per month.

Whatever the amount, monthly gifts ensure that single moms and

children have their spiritual, emotional and tangible needs met

through ongoing mentors, support groups, meals, clothing

& housing resources - all without disruption.

If you don’t belong to The Village yet, consider joining today!